Amazon Offers New Prime Credit Card That Rewards 5% off to Every Purchase among Other Benefits

Amazon prime members are set to enjoy new waves of benefits from Amazon’s new Prime credit card which now offers multiple rewards to holders towards purchases made from Amazon and other retail stores, Forbes reports.

As an Amazon Prime member, this new Prime credit card from Amazon offers holders some of the following benefits –

Amazon Offers New Prime Credit Card That Rewards 5% off to Every Purchase

  • Holders enjoy 5% off all purchases made from Amazon. You can equally enjoy cash back, 2% rewards from expenses made at restaurants, gas stations and medicine stores as well as 1% benefits from purchases made in other retail stores.
  • You do not have to pay any extra yearly fees for the credit card if you are an Amazon Prime member.
  • You won’t have to pay any fees if you spend the credit card abroad or on international transactions online or offline.
  • Holders of this new prime credit card from Amazon will enjoy concierge services anywhere they go, obtain assistance when stranded on the roads, and get travel insurance coverage when they embark on trips.
  • This card already comes loaded with $70 in gifts, which could be used to offset membership fee renewals for Amazon Prime

This new prime cards operates through a point system. This means you get points accruing to you when you make Amazon purchases and when you also spend money through the card at other restaurants, gas stations, drug stores, and other retail stores around the country.

As soon as you accrue enough points that could be redeemed, you could redeem these by obtaining extra credit on your next card bill, having discounts on purchases made through Amazon, and receiving cash given back towards your credit card balance.

It must be reasoned out that Amazon would surely benefit from this new credit card offer for Prime members – simply because research shows Prime card holders spend double what normal card holders spend, so the new card will enlarge Amazon’s customer base to nearly every family in the US.

Since holders of the card enjoy free shipping to every purchase made from Amazon, it is reasonable to understand that more consumers will sign up for the card and buy things online rather than patronizing physical stores across the streets.

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