Essential Qualities that will Make You a Successful Work-At-Home Entrepreneur in 2017

There is nothing as great as being an independent entrepreneur with the ability to make cool money on the fly. Entrepreneurship gives you the chance to work in your pajamas and with a laptop on your couch, without the need to spend any money on daily commute.

But there is more to entrepreneurial success than these; you got to possess some kill-ass qualities that will be examined hereunder.

Here are the 5 essential qualities that will make you a successful work-at-home entrepreneur in 2017:

2017 essential work at home tips

  • Discipline: You got to possess both personal and business discipline to succeed as an entrepreneur. Discipline is the binding factor that binds all the other traits and factors together. Since you are working from home, one of the main areas you’d need real discipline is in the management of personal time. Remember children and television and neighbours could create distractions during work, so you have to exercise serious discipline in managing these discretions so that they don’t affect your work.
  • Focus: You need acute focus to be able to work at home and make a success of it. It is good to be busy at work, but you won’t achieve much at work except you exercise keen focus to get set tasks done within time. You must be capable of giving your job 100% attention without letting home distractions detract from what you can achieve. In fact, the best way to treat work-at-home jobs is to treat it as one would tackle office jobs.
  • Work independently, but not alone: Working from home gives you the capability to work independently and at your own schedule, but the loneliness may take its toll on you if you’d been accustomed to working with an office group before. So while you will achieve more by working independently from home, you may have to keep your sanity by interacting with other work-at-home professionals from time to time via emails, phone calls and over coffee. Always connect with others while maintaining the need to remain independent and autonomous at work from home.
  • Brand yourself: Whether you know it or not, working from home should enable you to brand yourself and sell yourself better if you know how to go about it. You should market yourself as a brand and sell yourself more via networking and other social circles. You can brand yourself by frequently updating your online profile, adding more qualifications and certifications to your experience, and showcasing jobs completed for various clients. Make yourself a brand, and people will not be able to discountenance your work as a work-at-home professional.
  • Segment work from chores: People tend to get more focused at the office than they are when working from home, leading to decreased productivity at home. But you can help yourself by mentally considering your home as a second office, and mentally separate your official job at home from household chores and domestic responsibilities. In fact, it is best to designate a room or corner of your sitting-room as your home office which must be treated as such with all reverence reserved for office settings.

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