Apple Developers earn $20 Billion and Company’s Revenue Top $8.5 Billion In 2016

App developers on Apple Stores earned over $20 billion last year and the company took home a total revenue of $8.5 billion in 2016, despite declining sales for iPhones within the same period, MarketWatch reports.

This means Apple Inc. realized a total of $28.5 billion in 2016 from its Apple Store, helping the company to earn its 30% share of sales. Comparing the total sales of $28.5 billion for 2016 with the total sales of over $20 billion earned in 2015, app developers took home $14 billion in revenue and the company made $6 billion for 2015.

Apple Developers earn $20 Billion

What this means is that Apple realized 30% share of sales in 2015 and earned 40% share of sales in 2016.

While Apple basically made its revenues from sales of iPhones, declining business last year affected revenues but the company was able to shore up on revenues with sales in Asia and with subscriptions to new games and other related billings.

Apple sold 90% of its apps alone for last year in China despite seeming antagonism from the government, and the company removed the New York Times from the App Store accessible to the Chinese in deference to a request from the Chinese government.

In December 2016, the Apple Store made a sales of $3 billion and on January 1, 2017 alone, it sold $240 million of apps worth to boost its revenues into the new year. Apple as a company made a total of $215.64 billion in the year ended September 24 last year, helping to maintain the organization’s $45.69 billion in average annual profit.

There are about 2.2 million apps on App Store, and users can access almost any type of app for use on their iPads and iPhones and even synchronize the apps on both devices.

Apple beats its chest in pride to reveal that developers and other users access over 1.4 million jobs on its App Store and iOS platform, while developers alone have earned over $60 billion in revenues since the App Store opened in 2008.

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