Personal Attributes That Make You Open To New Business Opportunities

If you desire to go into business, you must first understand that the same business opportunities are open and available to everyone everywhere, but not everyone will see them the same way or at the same time. What this means is that only people whose prior training and experience have primed them for certain opportunities will see the opportunities when they present themselves and no one else.

Furthermore, the personal experience people have with certain jobs and the earlier training they have received sensitize them to new opportunities that present themselves; and the benefits or disadvantages inherent in any business opportunity is dependent or relative to the training and experience of the new entrepreneur.

What this means is that what constitutes a business problem to one person may actually be an advantage to another person depending on their prior training and individual experiences with what is at hand. And this is what makes people to go into different careers and try out different entrepreneurial activities.

Business Opportunities

To this extent, the unique training and prior experience of certain individuals will place them at an advantage to discover some particular business opportunities, while others not so trained will miss out on these obvious opportunities. This essentially means it is personal experiences that provide opportunities while their social networks guarantee its success.

For instance, an experienced teacher will be the first to identify emerging opportunities in the education sector and the last to see any opportunities in the aviation sector. A carpenter will be the first to see opportunities in a new area of town where people are putting up new houses than a computer analyst would do; so seeking and acting on opportunities are essential to starting and sustaining a good business.

Guarantees of a good business opportunity

How do you identify a good business idea or opportunity? Well the following guide will help you out:

  • There must be demand for a product that will cater to an identified problem
  • The idea must be capable of bringing timely and acceptable rewards in terms of profits
  • It must be better in the eyes of the customer than others in the current market
  • It must meet the needs of the customers and also meet the objectives of the entrepreneur
  • The entrepreneur must have the resources and wherewithal to produce services or products to meet the needs of both customers and the company alike

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