5 Tips for Improving a Work Environment

All companies, no matter what industry they belong to, need to ensure that their employees’ workplace is safe, comfortable, and conducive to productivity. Otherwise the company can expect not just a decrease in revenue and overall profitability, but also a high employee attrition rate. After all, no one wants to work in an uncomfortable, unhealthy, or dangerous workplace, no matter how generous the salary offer gets.

That said, here are some tips a business or company owner should keep in mind to improve their workplace for the benefit of their employees as well as their bottom line.

Tips for Improving a Work Environment

Ensure that all basic amenities are provided for

One factor in workplace quality that many business owners often underestimate the importance of is the quality of the basic amenities provided in the workplace. As a manager or business owner, you need to ensure that all these amenities are not only supplied at the barest minimum but are also adequately provided for in the workplace. For example, make sure that the restrooms are clean and the plumbing is functional. Your employees should also have a free and clean source of drinking water at all times. Finally, the air conditioning and heating should be functional and well-maintained, especially during the hot season and cold months, respectively. A lack in any of these amenities can seriously affect employee productivity in your workplace.

Invest in safety and security equipment and supplies

No one can predict when, where, and what emergency will occur in a workplace, so make sure that your workplace has the necessary equipment and countermeasures—such as a properly-lit emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and first-aid kits. Also ensure that there are medical professionals or trained personnel in the office during operating hours who can offer first aid or medical support to your employees if they need it. By doing this, you reaffirm to your employees that you see them not just as resources but as actual people working for you, and this will definitely improve their productivity as well as workplace satisfaction.

Also make sure to invest in proper security equipment to ensure the safety of your people and business premises against intruders and those who would be tempted to engage in criminal activities. Such equipment include high-quality surveillance cameras that use precision brushless DC motors, security alarms that can be integrated to the police network, and robust security doors that will prevent entry of unauthorized individuals.

Make sure that the lighting conditions are just right

The amount of lighting that your workplace has can affect your employees—and more than you think. For one thing, studies have shown that the lighting in an office can definitely affect employee mood and productivity. Harsh lighting can also induce health issues in employees, especially if your business relies on employees doing computer work. Since they’re already constantly being bombarded with light head-on, having even more powerful light coming in from above is likely to cause a lot of migraines and headaches. Conversely, too little light can make employees feel lazy and even sleepy.

Consider using softer, diffused or blue-enhanced white lights to illuminate your workplace without causing eye or glare fatigue. You should use a light meter measuring tool to see if there’s too much or too little ambient and task lighting focused on specific areas in your office.

Allow your employees to customize their office space

Your employees will be spending most of their days in your workplace, so it’s more than reasonable for you to allow them to personalize their workspaces. This not only makes the workplace feel a bit more personable and comfortable for your employees, but this will also allow them to feel more connected to your business. However, also take note that too many personal items on any workspace could prove to be distracting for some employees.

Don’t overwork your employees

Many employers and managers believe that the secret to success is hard work and staying long hours in the office. As such, they may be inclined to pile on excessive workloads onto their employees. While this would seem to increase productivity and revenue in the short term, it won’t be long before your employees become overworked and thus suffer burnout—one of the biggest reasons why people resign from their jobs. If you must assign more work to specific members of your staff, show them that you value their time and effort through a salary raise, a promotion, or oven occasional bonuses and other perks. You can also hire more employees or freelancers to take some of the burden off your current employees.

By acting upon these tips and applying them to your workplace, you can easily improve the quality of your employees’ working experience. It may end up costing you money in the short term, but the benefit of a happier, healthier, and more efficient workforce will easily increase your profitability and stability in the long term.

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