How to Use Personalized Merchandising to Get Shoppers to Buy More on Your Ecommerce Store

You are here because you want to increase conversion rates for your ecommerce store. Or any online store and businesses for that matter. You are tired of having potential customers bounce off your site and losing money in the process. But there is a solution. It is called personal merchandising. This is the process of employing the powers of artificial intelligence to give shoppers what they want, when they want it; and things they may need in the future.

With personalized merchandising, you are helping shoppers to access what they need at the moment and what they might need in the nearest future. It is tailoring products to meet the expectations of buyers based on their preferences, online behavior and product purchases. The ultimate purpose is to put products customers need right in front of their noses with the objective of getting them to buy more. It is making the buying process very easy for shoppers; putting things they might need right where they want it.

Personalized Merchandising

Benefits of Personalized Merchandising

Considering the fact that the average internet user has very short attention span, you wouldn’t want to waste their visit to your site or online store. Several studies indicate that internet users have only 8 seconds to make up their minds on anything. Within 8 seconds of landing on your site, they make up their minds to stay or leave. They have only 8 seconds to decide on buying or bouncing off to a competitor’s online store. With personalized merchandising, you can get the shopper to stay on forever and even buy things they wouldn’t be needing at the immediate moment.

Getting visitors to stay longer on your site and feeding them with options to buy more enables you to beat the competition. Remember there are hundreds of competitors out there services personalized to capture shoppers, so you must utilize the combined powers of artificial intelligence and personalized merchandising to beat the competition and stay atop your game. This is against the fact that shoppers today have a world of choices at their fingertips; so you must make the choices available to them via personalized merchandising.

Excite Your Customers with Personalized Merchandising

Personalized merchandising excites customers and makes them happy. No one feels sad and unhappy when they enter into shopping mall – they see a wide array of products tailored to meet their needs and they feel excited. Lifted. Having personalized product suggestions for your visitors provides an intimate exciting experience, apart from boosting engagement that leads to more sales. Whether customers buy products suggested to them does not matter, what matters is that the exciting product images will make them happier and keep them coming back.

How to Get Targeted Product Recommendations to Work for You

Getting targeted product recommendations to work for you is as easy as knowing what to do. With the personalized merchandising platform, Sentient Aware is all you need to get started. To maximize conversion rates on personal computers and mobile devices, Sentient Aware has the technology to make personalized product recommended work for you. You can double your sales potential and win a lifetime of valuable customers by setting up the platform for your online stores.

With Sentient Aware’s AI-powered product discovery platform, you are certain to achieve eyeballs on up to 90% of your total product inventory every week. With intelligent add-on products suggested to your visitors, you are certain of boosting sales and profits to drive your competitors out of business. Get started with Sentient Aware personalized merchandising technology today and sit back to see customers willingly hand you money with complete joy.

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