Три основна начина да се смањи студентских кредита Када имате потешкоћа враћања

The US Department of Education has revealed that nearly 44 million Americans are unable to pay back federal student loans totaling $1.4 trillion, meaning that more students are finding it extremely difficult to repay their federal student loans. According to statistics from the Consumer ...Опширније

Боинг Знаци војне и комерцијалних авиона Споразуми са Саудијском Арабијом

Following US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia over the weekend, aerospace and defense giant Boeing has revealed plans to sell military and commercial aircrafts to the oil-rich Saudis. According to the CEO of Boeing, Dennis Muilenburg, the military and commercial agreements between ...Опширније

Твиттер је суоснивач Регретс Твиттер-Улога у избору председника Доналд Трумп

Ev Williams, Twitter’s co-founder and one of the major shareholders regrets the micro-blogging site’s roles in seeing US President Donald Trump to the Whitehouse, Бусинесс Инсидер извештава. Trump had on several occasions acknowledged the roles of the social media in stacking his presidential victory, ...Опширније