4 Sfaturi importante necesare pentru menținerea de amenajare a teritoriului interior

Când vorbim despre amenajare a teritoriului, majoritatea oamenilor cred că înseamnă amenajare a teritoriului în aer liber - cel tradițional în care peisagisti a luat terenul disponibil și decorat cu plante și flori. Dar există o altă parte a teritoriului. It is called indoor landscaping and it’s done with indoor plants. It is also known as interior scaping or plant scaping.

The Need for Interior Landscaping

The need for interior landscaping came into existence when interior designers realized there are indoor angles and horizons that can be enhanced with some creativity. Considering that people find green spaces fresh and natural, interior landscaping is the perfect choice to add the much-needed aesthetic appeal to the interiors. For a variety of indoor plants that you can use in an indoor landscape, you can visit The PlantMan.

Menținerea amenajare a teritoriului interior

The Use of Interior Landscaping

Mostly, indoor landscaping is used at public venues, like malls, hotels, and airports. But there are several examples where corporate offices have also embraced the idea of adding green spaces to their indoor environment.

Maintaining Indoor Landscapes

Maintaining indoor landscapes is a tricky task. You need a horticulturist or plant care specialists to look after indoor landscapes on a regular basis. These specialists make sure that indoor green spaces are properly pruned, cleaned, and irrigated. Scopul lor final este de a face peisaje interioare arate sănătos, vibrant, artistice.

Aici sunt patru sfaturi importante pentru a păstra în minte, în scopul de a menține peisaje interioare:

1- Tunderea Plante

Plantele nu pot fi lăsate untrimmed. In caz contrar, ei vor pierde legătura lor artistică. Nu numai că este neatractivă, dar, de asemenea, poate afecta întregul ecosistem pe care le-ați proiectat. Acesta este motivul pentru care este foarte important să știi când să tăiați, în cazul în care să tăiați și ce parte a peisajului pentru a decupa. Nu e usor. That’s why it’s wiser to hire professional services to do this task.

2- Controlling Weed and Moss

If indoor landscapes are left unattended for a long time, a lot of unwanted weed and moss can grow wildly. Such growth takes away a lot of air and water supply. This causes the entire indoor landscape to look unhealthy. Make sure the growth of weeds and moss is properly managed by the plant specialists you’ve hired.

3- Controlling Pests

Interior landscapes can invite a variety of pests that can threaten the entire indoor landscape. Tine minte, just like there are moles and rodents threatening the life of outdoor plants, there are bugs that can infest and eat your indoor plants. An experienced horticulturist would know how to prevent interior landscapes from such threats.

4- Irrigating Interior Landscape

This is perhaps the most important thing for an interior landscape. The adequate and timely water supply for the sustenance of an indoor landscape is highly essential. It keeps the indoor green space bright, clean, and healthy. Depending on the size of an indoor landscape, and the type of plants in it, you need to keep it irrigated properly.

Indoor landscapes are becoming a common part of interior designing these days. in orice caz, it’s not easy to maintain these landscapes. It’s best that you hire a horticulturist whose full-time job is to maintain indoor landscapes.

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