Krediler için Şansı Artırma Business Kredi Puanınızı Artırmak İçin Nasıl

Bir işletme kredi puanı kişisel kredi puanı çok farklı değildir, ve onlar hemen hemen aynı kurallara ikisi tabidir, tavsiye ve sınırlamalar. Sadece kişisel kredi derecelendirme gibi, a bad credit rating for your business will hurt you in more ways than one, and that is why you must use all the rules in the book to improve your credit score by all means.

There are lots of credit repair companies out there, but here are a few things you must know and do before you consider enlisting the help of professionals out there to help with your credit scores:

İş Kredi Puan

Analyze your credit score for possible repairs

Take painstaking efforts to review your business credit score with a view to repairing any detected errors. It is best to review and repair errors in your credit score since these have the potentials to reduce your loans and also make interest rates higher.

Clear your bills on time, every time

Timely payments of all bills do a lot of wonders to your business credit score by indicating you are trustworthy and responsible. When you maintain a business credit score of 80 and above, credit companies are assured that you clear your bills on time and every time too. It is always best to settle your bills before they are due, or your credit score may suffer for your lapses.

Source credit only from approved institutions

There are hundreds of credit lenders out there but it is sound advice to only source your credit from institutions that report to Paydex. Paydex is the number one business reporting agency in the United States, and most reputable credit companies report to this oversight agency. A credit firm that reports to Paydex gives peace of mind as credible and transparent in all areas.

Clean up your balance sheet

Clean up your balance sheet by clearing off your debts on multiple accounts to make your credit score look good. If you have unused and idle assets, you can sell them off to pay off your debts. Whatever it takes to clean up your debts must be done at once, and you must not hesitate to avoid business debts if this can be done under whatever circumstances.

Secure the help of professional credit repairers

Professional accountants and other financial experts are also able to help out with your credit repairs if you’d only secure their assistance. You may come to a point where you can’t deal with the overwhelming intricacies of your credit score any longer and need external inputs; this is when you would find the help of professional credit repairers worthwhile. But be certain whoever you hire is approved and licensed with extensive experience to help repair credit scores.

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