Nuoma Augalai lengviau Ar sezoninio Augalai biure

If you buy a plant once, you’re stuck with it. But when you decide to rent plants for your office space, you keep things relevant and lively so that it helps build up your brand.

The first and foremost reason to rent plants is that they are maintained by the company that is giving the plants to you.

Maintained by the Rental Company

It’s no secret that people are naturally attracted to greenery in the office. But to maintain that greenery is a completely different story. Once you have the services that the plant rental companies offer, gausite augalus prižiūrimi specialistų, kai pirmą kartą juos išsinuomoti.

Jei nusipirkote augalus Kita vertus, tačiau, jums bus daugiau nei okupuota su jų priežiūra. Kaip rezultatas, jūs negalėsite susikoncentruoti ties svarbesniais klausimais įdarbinimo, Finansai ir augimas, ant rankų, pavyzdžiui.

Sezoniniai Augalai biure

Lengvai keičiamais ir vienkartiniai

Yra nelaimingų atsitikimų, kurie gali atsitikti, tokių kaip netinkamą vietą ir netinkamos priežiūros augalų, kurie gali žudyti juos. Kai nusipirkau juos, you need to see that they are disposed in a respectful and environment friendly manner. Then you have to think about how and what to replace that plant with.

These are all decisions that you need to take into account and can cost you a great deal of money. The same is not the case with renting plants from Your indoor plants should bring in returns and positivity in the workplace, not be a drain on your finances.

With renting, you can take advantage of the different seasons and get plants that match those seasons. They can even remind you of upcoming festivals and events that you could use to encourage and empower your employees further. If the plants suffer from problems, or damage the physical office space, they can be replaced easily.

Changing Seasons

Keeping with where the last point left off, there are different seasons in the year and plants can help you tell them apart. This can help you with pinpointing events that can boost employee morale and involvement.

If you’ve selected a plant to buy and you paid for it, it will undoubtedly be yours. Iš kitos pusės, if you rent it, you can change the plant for something else when your rental agreement expires (which is comparatively sooner than the “buying” alternative).

You can choose from a wide array of plant species depending on the plants available. Žinoma, each one of the plants have their own benefits. Pavyzdžiui, the peace lily cleans up the air for a more breathable office.

Fittonia is another species of plant that is a superb attention grab. It does well in fluorescent light and has mesmerizing, clearly visible patterns that help you refocus if you have it at a central point in the office, such as a hanging fixture. You can practice the 20-20-20 rule for better eyesight with it, pavyzdžiui.

taip, be sure to get a plant suited for the seasons without burdening your finances.

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