Business Leaflets and How They Can Serve As Marketing Tools to Attract Customers

Two destinies await all business leaflets: they will be kept for future reference and action, and they will be thrown away into the nearest waste bin. In-between these two extremes is that your business leaflet prompts the recipient to act immediately and contact you for further business.

This goes to show that a business leaflet is a great marketing tool and asset if employed well, but a waste of time and money if proper thoughts have not gone into its design and production. But for you, there is actually a reason for producing business leaflets, and this is largely to serve as a marketing tool for attracting new customers.

Business Leaflets

Designing and printing business leaflets and cards is cheap, easy and fast. That is why a lot of businesses make mistakes with them, and these mistakes end up hurting a company’s potentials than helping it as initially planned. Business leaflets are cheap and quick to produce, but they are powerful tools with remarkable potentials for facilitating business success. And that is why quality time and efforts must be spent to design and print them for maximum impacts on recipients.

Collect and analyze other companies’ leaflets

You need good design ideas to make your leaflets effective, and this is why it is advisable that you collect and analyze the products of other businesses for comparisons. Whether they are businesses within or outside your niche, you must collect business leaflets to figure out those that work and why they did. It will be perfectly obvious straight out that some leaflets won’t work from their designs and production material, and this is why you must be able to compare a lot of leaflets before producing your own.

You mustn’t spend minutes on any particular business leaflet before liking it if it is good. You or others must like it instantly if it is good and effectively, while you will doubtless dislike and discard it almost immediately if it is not attractive and effective. Now there is a difference between a leaflet’s attractiveness and its effectiveness; the emphasis for you must be more on its effectiveness than on its attractiveness, even though the latter is equally important.

Making a business leaflet effective for attracting new business

Since recipients don’t want to read an essay on your leaflet, it is best to use few words for your leaflet. People have very short attention span these days and they don’t have the patience to read through dense texts on your leaflet, that is why only a few words are enough. Your text must be pithy and encapsulate all a reader wants to know – how your business can meet their basic needs. A reader wants to know how your offerings can help him, and this must be the limit of your words and phrases.

Keep your words brief, simple and relevant. Remember KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Your leaflet will be more effective in bringing business if it is more about your potential customer than about your business. It must be more about your customer’s needs and problems, and how your business can solve these problems. Don’t forget your contact details and how potential customers can reach you. And lastly, don’t forget to do a great job with material design and production.

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