4 Successful Members’ Benefit Schemes

When we talk about members’ benefit schemes, we usually mean loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are best known to be a token of the company’s appreciation to its loyal customers. It’s a way for the company to express its gratitude to its loyal customers who have stayed with them over the years.

Loyalty or Members’ Benefit programs is an important tool in providing greater value to customers through making them eligible for discounts and exclusive offers that are only for the loyal customers. There have been many great loyalty programs over the years in the UK and they are still continuing to delight customers. Here are some of these loyalty programs, which you can use as a base to come up with your own.


Tesco Clubcard

There is hardly a soul in the UK that hasn’t heard about Tesco. It’s loyalty programme known as the Tesco Clubcard, was launched back in 1995 by Dunhumby. It was rebranded 10 years later and relaunched in 2005 and has been one of the successful Loyalty cars in the sector.

Tesco puts communication and understanding their customers at the heart of their marketing strategy. This in turn allowed them to come up with a customer program to give customers a reason to keep coming back. The loyalty card allows one loyalty point for each £1 spent, and redeeming the points at the store makes the points worth four times the value which leads to some pretty amazing discounts on Tesco products.

By 2012 there were 15 million members of the Tesco Clubcard. It’s 2018 now and this number has grown. Tesco Clubcard offers many advantages that make the card holders happy. You can choose to have your own company’s loyalty and membership scheme with the help of https://www.power2motivate.co.uk/

You might be the next Tesco.

Monsoon and Ikano

Monsoon and Ikano are a fashion retail brand in the UK that came up with a reward app that shows existing customers everything they need to know about their account and how to use the loyalty card. It allows the app to store the Loyalty card digitally and provide customers fast and easy access to the facilities on the card.

The app is continually improved by customer feedback and allows you to stay up to date with the latest promotions on the brand. It’s also easily integrated with Facebook and Twitter for increased sharing ability.

British Airways

This is perhaps the most renowned examples of loyalty and members’ benefits programs where the Airline has offered Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier members a little (lot of) extra (amenities) to make their flight travels enjoyable. They get the usual frequent flyer miles, upgrades in addition to other discounts and spa treatments. There advantages get better as you progress through tiers. The higher your tier, the more points you get, and rewards happen more often.

British Airways creatively increased the recognition of their brand and enhanced the experience of loyal customers.

Costa Coffee Club

Costa Coffee uses their card for collecting demographic data contact details and purchasing patterns to create a better experience for its customers. This includes free coffees on regular consumption and double or triple points based on frequency of consumption. The loyalty scheme is so successful that cardholders spend more than non-cardholders.

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